55 years of Stako

The history of STAKO brand dates back to the 1960s, when the company began production of tanks boilers. Over the next few decades the company has evolved and entered into collaborations with the German IFA and Polish Fiat and other major European automotive OEM’s.

6 mln pcs.

LPG tanks produced

60 thous. tons of CO₂

reducing the Greenhouse Gases Emissions per year

is the weight to 400 of the world's largest animals - blue whales

2 700 mln km

distance sufficient
LPG fuel to travel

that is 3 500 times from the Earth
to the Moon and back

300 mln liters

of total water capacity
of all tanks produced

such volume can fill
86 Olympic swimming pools

1 800 mln PLN

or 400 milion USD is the amount of money saved annually by happy car owners (assuming 300 thousand vehicles running 15 000 km per year)

for this amount you can build a large
stadium for 60 thousand people

Go! To the future.

Go! To the future.